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Types of Snakes – The RAREST SNAKES In The World

Types of Snakes



the rarest snakes in the world part 2 the snakes you’ll see next will not only surprise you by their dangerousness but also by their strange behavior and unique appearance spiny bush Viper D like snakes do you like dragons well the spiny bush Viper is a rare combination of both since it has dorsal scales located in such a way that they give it a bristly and somewhat fierce appearance similar to that of a small dragon it lives in the central Africa strain forests.



find its sunbathing

where it’s possible to find its sunbathing on the leaves and bushes sometimes the colors of their scales can be of different tonality such as blue brown or green on the other hand the males can reach a greater length of up to 28 point seven inches long the spiny bush Viper eats small mammals and lizards which are hunted by itself using the ambush technique this amazing climber usually uses its tail to hang from the branches when it ambushes and hunt its prey that are exactly below for human beings the bites of the spiny bush Viper are deadly if they don’t go to a first-aid Center in addition some people have died as a result of internal bleeding caused by its potent venom rainbow boa this striking orange snake with dark circles becomes much more.

Types of Snakes

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