Where does the poisonous snake live?

Where does the poisonous snake live? Snakes live on all continents of the world except for Antarctica; They can be found in forests, grasslands, deserts, and swamps, and some snakes spend part of their time in the water.

Where does the poisonous snake live?

  • Snakes prefer to live in warm areas because they are cold-blooded.
  • This means that her body temperature does not change with the change in the temperature of the atmosphere.
  • It is unable to generate heat to warm its body when the outside temperature drops.
  • Therefore, it hibernates in the winter in burrows and underground tunnels in the winter.
  • In some cases, they search for themselves in warmer places and infiltrate people’s homes.

Where do sea snakes live?

  • Sea snakes are a type of snake that belongs to the aramid family.
  • These snakes are found in the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific Ocean.
  • They prefer waters less than 30 meters deep to be able to dive to the ocean floor and get their food, which consists of fish and fish eggs.
  • While some types of sea snakes prefer to hunt in hard bottoms where coral reefs abound.
  • Others prefer bottoms made of mud or sand.
  • It is worth noting that there is one type of sea snake, the yellow-bellied sea snake, that lives in the open ocean from Africa to the east across the Pacific Ocean to the western coast of the Americas.
Where does the poisonous snake live
Where does the poisonous snake live

Facts about snakes

  • Here are some facts about snakes:
  • There are more than 3,400 species of snakes in the world, of which less than 300 are venomous.
  • Snakes have no legs, no movable eyelids, no external ear openings, and no urinary bladder.
  • Poisonous snakes are able to control the amount of venom they inject during a bite.
  • It is also able to sting without excreting poison at all (dry bite) so as not to exhaust its stock of poison on an organism that it cannot prey on like humans.
  • Most snakes are cautious and do not attack unless they feel trapped, or when they feel threatened in the breeding season.
  • Among the most aggressive in these cases is the black mamba in Africa, and the king cobra in Asia.
  • Snakes reproduce in two ways, The first is that the mother lays the eggs in a warm and safe place until they hatch.
  • The second way is for the mother to keep the eggs inside the oviduct.
  • When the embryos are fully developed, they come out of the body alive, and this type of snake is called an egg snake.

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