Where does the snake live?


Where does the snake live? Snakes live in all regions of the world, but there are some places that are compatible with the nature of snakes, and the most prominent of them are:

Where does the snake live?

Desert areas:

  • As their environment helps them regulate the temperature in their body.
  • And because of the availability of food resources that suit them, snakes get water from the prey they hunt.
  • The desert environment helps snakes hide from their enemies because of their colors that harmonize with the colors of the desert.

Swamps and wet areas:

It feeds on small fish, frogs, and large insects, and water snakes are mostly non-venomous.

Tropical rainforests:

It is often home to venomous snakes, such as the cobra and the mamba.

Because of the warm temperatures that suit it all year round and that do not force them to hibernate, which they do in cold places in the winter.

Where does the snake live
Where does the snake live

What does the snake eat?

  • Snakes are meat-eating animals that are used to get rid of rodents.
  • They can also swallow their prey completely, and snakes do not use poison in the process of hunting their prey, except for cobras and vipers.
  • And they often suffocate and swallow the prey such as crocodiles and cows.
  • During the process of swallowing the prey, its jaws separate to install the large prey in its mouth.
  • After swallowing its prey, its body secretes enzymes to digest the prey and convert it into energy, and snakes can live for a long time without food.

10 facts about the snake

There are many amazing facts that many people do not know. Here are the most prominent ones:

  1. Snakes can live on all continents of the world except Antarctica.
  2. In cold climates, snakes go into hibernation until the surrounding climate improves.
  3. Snakes swallow their prey, and cannot chew or nibble it.
  4. Many snakes can explode because they ingest very large prey.
  5. There is an island in Brazil inhabited by 5 snakes per square meter, and it is not allowed to visit this island because it is home to the endangered golden snakes.
  6. The Snakes do not have eyelids, so they sleep with their eyes open.
  7. Snakes use their tongues for smell, although there are openings in their heads, they do not use them for smelling.
  8. The Snakes are covered with skin that they can change once a month, in order to get rid of the parasites that live on their skin, and this process is called skin decomposition, and the snake can use tree branches to do this process.
  9. Snakes are cold-blooded animals that have no way of regulating their body temperature.
  10. The majority of snakes reproduce with eggs and do not build nests for their eggs, with the exception of the cobra, and some types of snakes that are born, such as mammals, reproduce, and these species are found in cold areas, whose climate constitutes an obstacle to the development of eggs until they hatch.


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