How do snakes give birth to their young?


How do snakes give birth to their young? Snakes belong to the sect of reptiles and the rank of Squamous. They are cold-blooded reptiles. They have a long body, have no tail, are flexible, and do not have eyelids. Their jaws are flexible so that they can swallow the prey. How does a snake give birth? This is what we will learn about in our next topic.

How do snakes give birth to their young

  • Mating among snakes varies according to their types and locations. Snakes that live in temperate places such as the green anaconda and the garter snake, marry as soon as they leave the hibernation, and the female announces her need for marriage through the smells she emits.
  • The snake leaves the smell of pheromones behind while it crawls, and if there are two males, they fight among themselves to get the female at the end of the fight.
  • They meet vertically and begin to quarrel, causing one of them to submit to win it by making one of them lower his head.
  • There are types of female snakes that carry and give birth without the need for any male self, as they lay their eggs without the need for a male for fertilization, and they produce snakes that are completely similar in shape to them, and snakes and lizards are characterized by the presence of two organs for reproduction.
  • We find two penises in the male snakes, and each organ derives sperm from one of the testicles without mixing between the sperms produced by both testicles.
  • This gives each male a second chance to transfer a new batch of sperm to a new female, especially if he has recently been married.
  • Female snakes can schedule fertilization according to their desire, as they can mate with more than one male with sperm stored in pockets in their reproductive system for up to five years.
  • The female can then give birth or produce a group of young with different fathers.
How do snakes give birth to their young
How do snakes give birth to their young

Methods of giving birth to snakes

There are a number of ways to breed snakes according to their types, where we find a group of species, which we will show you:


Egg snakes:

  • It is the one that reproduces by laying eggs and leaves its eggs as soon as it is laid, but there are species such as the female cobra that stay next to her eggs, protecting them.
  • There are other females, such as the female hummingbirds, who incubate the houses and warm them until they hatch and then leave them as eggs.

Serpents and snakes:

  • It is the one that gives birth to live young, as the fetus in this species is nourished by the placenta. Examples of those snakes that give birth are the green anaconda and the pygmy conch.
  • These species abound in cold places, and we find young snakes exposed to several risks while they are small, as they are prey to a number of predators such as foxes, birds, and lizards.

Egg and Birth Snakes:

They are the snakes that keep their eggs inside and do not take them out except when the time for the young ones comes out of them when he breaks the egg with his sharp fangs and comes out of it after feeding on the yolk or the yolk.


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