The most dangerous type of snake


The most dangerous type of snake. Snakes are the most widespread and most dangerous animal in the world, and most of them do not face the threat of extinction, and in all regions of the world, there are many species capable of killing humans in seconds.


The most dangerous type of snake

Serpentine serpent

  • The serpentine serpent is usually found in the Far East and the Middle East.
  • They usually come out after dark, and the main danger to this creature is that the poison is so slow that the victim may mistakenly wait for a long time to seek treatment.
  • And Treatment can prevent death in most cases.
  • But without treatment, a sawn snake bite will lead to pain and slow death over a period of two to four weeks.
  • The serpentine snake has fairly long fangs and can fold up in the mouth when not in use.
  • They are replaced several times throughout the snake’s life as new fangs grow in the back of the mouth to replace the old ones.

Python snake

  • The spotted python is a non-venomous species, and its bite can cause minor cuts or punctures. The spotted python is stout but not as large as the coastal python.
  • The body of the snake tends to be a pale brown with dark brown spots, and the underside of the body tends to be mostly cream.
  • Size of the spotted python ranges from (0.75-1) meters and can reach 1.5 meters.
  • The python prefers rocky outcrops and hills in dry forests.
  • They will inhabit areas where timber is found, and are also found infrequently along the coast in and around mountainous areas.
The most dangerous type of snake
The most dangerous type of snake

Jet snake

  • The jet snake is scientifically called arietnas, and it is called the jet snake because it fills its hollow with air and then blows it out loudly with intense blowing.
  • The venom in the jet snake attacks the blood system and blood balls in the body of the prey.
  • Amount of venom needed to kill a human weighing 70 kg is estimated at about 90-100 mg.
  • Jet snake has a wide head covered with overlapping scales and a delicate neck.
  • Distinct from the rest of the snake’s body.
  • Jet snake lives in rocky environments and is quick to disappear because its body color matches the color of the environment in which it lives.
  • The jet snake appears at all times, even on very cold nights.
  • And is characterized by its extreme slowness.
  • The jet snake feeds on frogs because it is found in swamps and ponds.
  • And it also feeds on lizards, rabbits, and fish.

Cobra snake

  • The cobra is one of the most dangerous and ferocious types of venomous snakes.
  • As it poses a danger to farmers, as cobras are abundant in agricultural environments.
  • The poison in the cobra is fatal to humans and attacks their nervous system.
  • A most important characteristic of the Arabian cobra is its ability to inflate its neck.
  • Making it flat, or the so-called hood. The cobra also raises the front half of its body to frighten its opponents.
  • Cobra lives near the cultivated areas and you may see the cobra at the water gatherings between farms because it improves swimming.


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