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types of snake

THE RAREST SNAKES In The World types of snake…
the strangest snakes in the world in the world there’s more than 3400 60 species of snakes and a lot of them are poisonous besides the terror they might cause there are certain species with original characteristics that make them more semi-ring if we forget about how dangerous they are are you ready to meet them Saharan horned Viper this serpent has a pair of horns one on each eye giving it a monovalent and even diabolical aspect these two are formed by a single hardened scale it lives in the deserts of North Africa and in the Middle East especially in the rocky hills sand deserts and streams of seasonal Rivers it measures between 12 and 24 inches although in extreme cases snakes up to 33 inches have been reported even though it lives in the desert this snake prefers temperatures of around 68 degrees.
types of snake
Fahrenheit or less the weather should be hot enough for the snake to take heat and cold to accumulate liquid since it’s the only way it can accumulate water the Saharan horned Viper meanders over the surface of the ground one advantage of this snake is that only two parts of its body touched the hot sand when hunting it hides in the sand where camouflages very well there it waits for its prey to approach and then attacks at the right moment Malagasy leaf-nosed snake this snake is serious when it comes to mimicking the environment like the military who have leaves on.types of snake…
their helmets when they go into the field the Malagasy leaf nose snake also camouflages itself among the vegetation with an elongated appendage on the upper leaf-shaped jaw this species is a clear example of sexual dimorphism since males are way different than females the males have a brown back or dorsal and are a yellow-bellied while the females have an opaque or brown color similar to dry branches leaf nose snakes can reach up to 3.2 feet in length and as the name implies.
live in the forests of northwest madagascar it usually lays on branches up to 6 that help it in blending into the vegetation it lives in South Asian jungles in countries such as India Vietnam Sri Lanka and Cambodia with a body that can reach up to five feet long it never goes unnoticed the Sinhala language speakers call it aji Tula which means plucking eyes since its said that this snake likes to throw strong glances at bigger victims to then bite their eyes its favorite.
types of snake
food are frogs and lizards which it hunts using its binocular vision tentacled snake this South Asian snake looks like a gigantic snail without a shell it has two tentacles in the upper part of its jaw that help it when it comes to eating it measures between 20 and 35 inches and lives in aquatic environments such as rice paddies seawater or turbid waters the way it hunts is quite interesting it submerges and forms a jay with its body waiting for the fish to get close when this happens it makes a movement.
with the tail that frightens the fish and causes them to flee in a direction close to their snout in those crucial seconds the snake stretches its head to the exact place where the prey is directed by its tentacles that detect the movement of the water and helps even if the attack is made in the dark of night scientists consider it surprising that when this happens this snake can predict the movement of the fish determining in advance its exit route and speed since its attack doesn’t go to the place where the fish is but to where it will arrive types of snake…
poisonous snake attracts everyone’s attention because it has an extremely wrinkled skin that looks like an elephant it lives in Southeast Asia especially in freshwater such as rivers estuaries and lakes although sometimes it does go into the sea their main prey are fish and amphibians which they wrapped with their bodies before eating them this explains the texture of their body which is wrinkled to prevent slippery animals from escaping its skin is so loose that after eating it still looks the same unlike other snakes the females are the longest ones and measure up to eight feet in length they spend most of their lives in the water they can spend 40 minutes underwater in general the ones on
the ground are usually young they have spots on the body that disappear with age and the skin that covers them isn’t completely loose yet the older ones however remain in the water because their skin is an impediment to travel on land the elephant trunk snake isn’t poisonous but in each bite its teeth tend to detach and remain pierced in the flesh so if it attacks a human it will cause ugly wound long nosed Viper this snake is really interesting because in its snout is a series of tentacles
that form a soft and flexible appendix that can measure up to 0.2 0 inches depending on the subspecies these horns can have a vertical or diagonal form in its totality this sand Viper can reach up to 30 7.5 inches in length the females are the ones with the longest length especially in balkans in Turkey it can also be found in farms and vineyards it. feeds on small reptiles especially lizards but it also eats other snakes and even members of the same species it’s the most dangerous snake in Europe and it’s blight causes pain swelling and hemorrhages.
Tiger keelback snake it is characterized by having a green in black body with black and orange spots on its back similar to the skin of a tiger its average length is usually between 24 and 39 it doesn’t have a great size barely reaching two and a half feet in length and if a human touches it it becomes rigid pretending to be dead rhinoceros Viper this Viper has a frontal horn formed by two or three large scales which is accompanied by other small horns as if it was a rhino they can measure between 28 and 42 inches it lives in the forests of eastern and central Africa near streams and swamps it stays mostly on the ground although it can climb up to nine point eight feet of altitude it passes the time in.
the leaves of the trees tree hollows and extended roots also they are great and dangerous swimmers because they usually attack without warning they use their skin as camouflage and sometimes use their tail to hang from the tall branches as if they were monkeys imagine that you are walking through the woods and one of these precious things is hanging over you their fangs are retractable they can show up or hide when the viper wants them to they inoculate a powerful poison that destroys the tissues in blood vessels causing hemorrhages blunt head tree snake this snake is famous for its slender body in wide head in addition it has huge eyes givingthe , types of snake…
impression that someone is crushing them and trying to get them out of their sockets these eyes cover up to 26% of the head surface and explains why it has an excellent vision unlike the rest of the snakes which prefer to be guided by smell and vibrations also it’s a snake with nocturnal habits it measures on average 31 inches and in the best case it can reach 4 foot 11 a little less09:18 than the height of the average human being it lives in the humid forests of Mexico Central America South America and Trinidad in Tobago you can find them resting by morning in places with shadows.
like coffee plants leaves or the basis of trees it feeds on lizards toads and eggs of other reptiles they’re slightly poisonous but they aren’t a danger for the human being so you can admire them without risking your life these were the strangest snakes in the world if you want to watch the next part give us a like subscribe and activate the notifications so you don’t miss any of our videos see ya.

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