Anaconda snake diet


Anaconda snake diet includes deer, wild boars, birds, large rodents, and also aquatic animals such as fish and reptiles, and the anaconda snake is considered a skilled swimmer and kills its prey through suffocation, and if this does not work, it drowns them, and these snakes can survive for periods long without eating.

Anaconda snake diet

Snake Anaconda also usually feed on tapirs, water pigs, peccaries, turtles, sheep, and dogs, and sometimes they can feed on tigers, and attacks on humans are rare, and the anaconda swallows its prey all from the head to the legs, and the anaconda can swallow larger prey Much the size of her mouth.

Anaconda behavior:

  • Anacondas are more active at night making them a nocturnal reptile, and although they are not venomous, anacondas defend themselves by inflicting severe bites.
  • But in fact, it kills its prey through constriction.
  • Most of the locals kill these snakes when they see them because they think they eat humans.
  • In most cases, if an anaconda senses humans in the area.
  • It will retreat in another direction, and killing an anaconda for humans is rare.

Traits of anaconda snake

There is some controversy about the maximum size of the anaconda, and there have been unverified claims for the size of this huge snake that it has reached between (30-45) meters (98.4-147.6) feet, and some anacondas that live in water can It can reach 30 feet in length.

Anaconda snake diet
Anaconda snake diet

What do you know about the green anaconda snake?

  • The green anaconda is the largest member of the aquatic anaconda family.
  • The green anaconda is among the largest snakes in the world and is rivaled by the reticulated python in terms of length.
  • But the anaconda snake is much heavier in weight.
  • And the green anaconda snake can weigh 250 km.
  • Its diameter is more than 30 cm.
  • And the female green anaconda is much larger than the males.

What do you know about the yellow anaconda snake?

  • The yellow anaconda is found in South America in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, western Brazil, and northeastern Argentina.
  • The yellow anaconda is smaller than the green anaconda.
  • With an average adult length of about 3 meters (9.8 feet).


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