Information about the anaconda snake


Information about the anaconda snake is the largest snake species in the world at all. The size of the anaconda snake reaches 12 meters, and sometimes the length of the anaconda reaches 17 meters.

Where does the anaconda live?

  • The anaconda snake lives in two main places in the first world in South America, especially in the Amazon forest area.
  • This type of anaconda snake is called the advanced anaconda, and this anaconda does not lay eggs, but keeps its eggs inside its stomach until the eggs hatch and the young anacondas come out of its stomach, so it appears as if it gives birth and does not lay eggs.
  • The other type of anaconda snake lives in Australia and is called the undeveloped anaconda. This type of anaconda snake lays eggs and takes care of its eggs until the eggs hatch.

Specifications of anaconda snake

  • Despite the large size of the anaconda snake, it is a non-venomous snake, but the source of the strength of the anaconda is its long body wheels.
  • The anaconda snake has very strong body muscles and it eliminates its prey by joining the prey to it and wrapping around it and pressing strongly until the bones of the prey crumble and its veins explode.
  • Anaconda snake devours its entire prey and digests its prey through substances secreted inside its body that dissolves and devours the victim.
  • The anaconda can devour prey the size of an adult man, and if the anaconda finds a new prey, it throws the rest of the other prey in its stomach and devours the new prey.
Information about the anaconda snake
Information about the anaconda snake

Anaconda body composition

  • The number of vertebrae in the skeleton ranges from 200 to 400 vertebrae.
  • And this makes her body extremely strong, and these vertebrae help her squeeze the prey.
  • As well as help her in swimming.
  • The eyes of the anaconda are located in the upper part of the face so that it can see its prey while it is swimming in the water, as well as to be able to breathe.
  • Female anaconda is larger than male, and the giant anaconda eats its food only once or twice a year.
  • Sometimes the anaconda snake devours its prey alive.
  • And the anaconda can devour much larger prey thanks to its separated jaws.

Types of anaconda snake:

Anaconda snakes are divided into two types:


Green Anaconda:

This type of anaconda is the largest anaconda species and the largest species of snakes and snakes in the whole world up to 8 meters in length and the size of the green anaconda snake up to 200 kg.

Yellow Anaconda:

The yellow anaconda is smaller and dangerous than the green anaconda.

The length of this snake does not exceed three meters.


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