What are the types of anaconda snakes?


What are the types of anaconda snakes? There are four types of water anaconda snakes that inhabit the swamps and rivers of the dense forests in tropical South America, the most famous of these species are the yellow anaconda and the green anaconda, and the yellow anaconda can be found to the south of Argentina.

What are the types of anaconda snakes?

It is not known how the name anaconda originated, is the name from the habitats of the original anaconda snake? Or from the mysterious similarity between them and the large Asian snakes.

Anaconda snake

Anaconda snake is also called bull killer, water boa, or good swimmer. In this article, we will learn about the characteristics of the anaconda and the difference between the green anaconda and the yellow anaconda.

Traits of anaconda snake

There is some controversy about the maximum size of the anaconda, and there have been unverified claims for the size of this huge snake that it has reached between (30-45) meters (98.4-147.6) feet, and some anacondas that live in water can It can reach 30 feet in length.

What are the types of anaconda snakes
types of anaconda snakes

What do you know about the green anaconda snake?

  • The green anaconda is the largest member of the aquatic anaconda family.
  • The green anaconda is among the largest snakes in the world and is rivaled by the reticulated python in terms of length.
  • But the anaconda snake is much heavier in weight.
  • And the green anaconda snake can weigh 250 km, and its diameter is more than 30 cm, and the female green anaconda is much larger than the males.
  • The main color of the green anaconda is olive green with black spots that extend along the body, and its head is narrow compared to the rest of the body.
  • The distinctive orange and yellow transverse stripes on both sides.
  • And the green anaconda’s eyes are located on the top of its head so that it can see its prey outside the water without revealing the rest of its body.

What do you know about the yellow anaconda snake?

  • The yellow anaconda is found in South America in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, western Brazil, and northeastern Argentina.
  • The yellow anaconda is smaller than the green anaconda.
  • With an average adult length of about 3 meters (9.8 feet).
  • Yellow anaconda has a brownish-yellow base with black and pink spots.
  • Which lives in most aquatic habitats such as swamps, and in rivers.
  • And slow-moving streams, and all kinds of snakes on earth have teeth.
  • But the yellow anaconda does not use its teeth to chew.
  • And uses most of its teeth to hold on to its prey, preventing them from escaping.
  • The yellow anaconda has teeth, however, it is not a poisonous snake.
  • And it depends on its enormous size and strength to subdue its victims, and it is possible to bite but its bite itself will not be fatal.


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